Margo Murphy

“Elegantly simple”

“Margo is a dream to work with!”

Create the atmosphere that you want for your wedding, corporate event, or private party. Margo's music sets a mood of festivity and romance that you and your guests will forever remember. She sings carefully chosen songs in an approachable manner, infusing them with a warmth that recorded music just cannot match. Friendly and professional with reasonable rates.

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» vocal and guitar or piano
» vocal, guitar or piano, and bass
» vocal, guitar or piano, and sax or violin
» Vocal, guitar or piano, bass, and drums
» Vocal, guitar or piano, bass, and sax or violin
» Vocal, guitar or piano, bass, drums, and sax or violin

Each event is unique and Margo will help custom fit the music to your specific needs and ideas. A typical wedding ceremony might include music for the guests' arrival, the processional, the recessional, and the cocktail hour. The sound system will also be made available for toasts & announcements. Often just a duo is desired for the ceremony, and then more musicians can be added for a larger combo for the reception. For a modest rehearsal fee, Margo will be happy to learn a special song(s) if requested. She is also experienced in helping brides and grooms choose perfect songs from her own large repertoire.

What factors play into determining the cost? The size of combo desired (duo, trio, quartet, etc), the size of venue/number of guests (determines if a modest sound system will be needed), the number of hours each musician spends at the event, learning special songs, and the location are the main considerations. Margo can assist you in matching the type and size of combo with your venue, budget, and vision. Call her at (206) 696-9194 to discuss your special event.

"Responsive, organized and absolutely reliable"

AND, if you're planning for dancing —

Margo's dance band Metro Luna has delighted Northwest wedding party-goers for over 10 years.